Grace Notes

This is the name that a smaller group of singers from the Chamber Choir sing under for Weddings, Dinners and other occasions where a musical interlude is required.   For weddings there are normally 12 singers but this number can be adjusted up or down to match the available space, the size of the occasion and the music that is wanted.

For weddings we provide a strong lead for any hymns as well as singing a few pieces of your choice during the signing of the register.  But we are open to other ideas you may have.

The ‘standards’ for weddings include the unaccompanied pieces:

  • This Marriage –                                   Eric Whitacre
  • If ye love me –                                      Tomas Tallis
  • Jesu Dulcis Memoria –                       T.L. de Victoria
  • Locus Iste –                                           Anton Bruckner
  • O Radiant Dawn –                                James McMillan (sung by us)
  • All you need is Love –                          Beatles
  • Cantate Domino –                                Pitoni
  • Come Away, Come Sweet Love –        John Dowland
  • My Spirit Sang All Day –                      Gerald Finzi

and if you have an organist:

The sample recordings played by clicking on the songnames are NOT Grace Notes but are there to give you an idea.   Please ask if there is something not there that you would like.

Our charge will depend on when, where and what you want but it is typically £300.

If you are interested please fill in your email address and your message below.