Join the Chamber Choir

The Surrey Hills Chamber Choir is ideal for singers who wish to sing in a smaller group where every member is valued. The Chamber Choir also offers opportunities for choir members to sing solos within the choir repertoire or as solo pieces within certain concerts.

Why join the Chamber Choir?

Singers join this choir for the personal challenges it offers, as performing unconducted relies on every singer contributing equally during a performance, knowing every nuance, articulation, dynamic and emotion of the music and delivering it without being prompted.

Musical Standards

The choir aims to perform and present highly polished material. The performance schedule is discussed and agreed by choir members at a pace suitable for the choir in order to achieve these high standards. The choir receives training on good singing technique, how to communicate the song to the audience, and good presentation, as a good performance is all about the whole “package”. Although targeted at experienced singers, sight-reading is not absolutely essential, as audio files are also provided to assist with learning.


Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays from 7.30pm–10.00pm at St Nicolas Church, Bury Street, Guildford. Car parking is available at the church. One or two extra rehearsals are normally scheduled prior to a performance. We work hard at rehearsals, but it is very much in a friendly, supportive atmosphere where input from the choir is encouraged.


The Choir has up to 30 members at any time from all around the Surrey Hills. To give us maximum versatility of repertoire, we aim for a membership of around 25 members. We currently have 24 members and have spaces for one sopranos, one alto, two tenors and two basses. Please contact Debbie for further information.


If, after a four-week trial period, you enjoy the choir and want to join, you can ask for an audition. This will be very low-key and informal and consist of some vocal exercises and a small test on part-singing, using one of the songs we have been learning, to establish good intonation, a timbre suitable for blending in a choir with no heavy vibrato and confident part-singing ability.